AngelTalk Consultants

Julie Bontiér – Spiritual Counselor

Have questions? Your Angels have answers.

You might be at a cross roads in a career choice or romantic decision. You may need Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Guidance, Advice, or a new Expanded Understanding to shift your Co-Creative Energy. You may be ready for more Self-realization, Spiritual Awareness and Enlightenment in your life. Your AngelTalk experience may be prophetic, emotionally-spiritually healing, and even business. Your application of AngelTalk Sessions will always be unique because you are constantly evolving.

Your Angels are always offering guidance, communication and direction. Are you connecting? Rise in Higher Consciousness as Julie facilitates your Angels’ answers. Receive your mp3 AngelTalk Session into your phone and email. Enter your name and email below.

Get in touch:

  • Call/text: 310-399-0427
  • Skype: julie.bontier
  • $4.00 per minute
  • 15 minutes for $60.00
  • 30 minutes for $120.00

** SPECIAL OFFER 1 hr. $200.00

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